The first thing we do is to leave out the automobile, to create this oasis where there are no cars but that maintains a place understanding that people come from far away to spend the weekend. We make what would look like a scenographic city although it is actually a city to scale, having its administration area, commerce and services for the inhabitants, dividing the spaces into neighborhoods and large collective spaces; the public space within the project is linked to the housing and transports us to a new place. 

The two types of housing, one vertical with areas of 55m2 divided into 3 levels, allows that if the house is rented, privacy can be maintained between rooms. The second is the housing in apartments, here they have the elevation of the others to dialogue with the context but designed for a more traditional client. In this way we optimize foundations, structures and lower construction costs reaching an affordable housing proposal. 

Once the urban sprawl of Mexico City encompasses the municipality of San Juan del Rio, we hope that the internal streets of the space can be united with the municipal streets, integrating the development into a public space accessible to all.  

Today Mexico City is a city that is growing at a very slow pace, lack of space, tortuous bureaucracies and real estate speculation do not allow the city to densify at the pace that would be expected. Housing has become expensive and inaccessible for the city's average wage earners. A large part of these inhabitants have the possibility of acquiring a housing loan and unfortunately there is no supply of affordable housing within the city. It is here when the conditions of habitability change completely, instead of using the houses as dormitory cities, some families have opted for an inverted option; they live in the city and rent housing, which thanks to apps allows them to increase their income and balance with what they manage to obtain in the city.  

One of the neighboring municipalities is San Juan del Río, which is located north of the city before reaching Querétaro, is an escape that has become a daily occurrence for the inhabitant of Mexico City. 

Here the proposal is to make housing that adapts to the contemporary conditions of use of the spaces, so accepting the great tourist flow that already has the area, open supply for affordable housing with housing credit. taking as a concept a city, we transport concepts and scale them to set different spaces to the traditional in this type of developments.