Vertical housing in Mexico City has been on the rise due to the lack of empty spaces and the high cost of property in the city. That is why in neighborhoods within the first immediate perimeter of downtown, we find rehabilitations, remodeling or even demolitions for new construction. A real estate business that when developed correctly manages to revitalize the area, attract people to abandoned places; it puts them back on the map. 

The case of the Thiers project is right on the border between two neighborhoods, divided by a large avenue with a high traffic capacity. Adjacent to one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Mexico City and it is here where a residential building is deployed, with half a level above the street to be used as a parking lot to raise on this, 3 levels of apartments with two homes each.As the apartments are part of a real estate business, they seek neutrality, the distribution has two parking spaces, kitchen, service patio, living room, two bedrooms, a shared bathroom, a master bedroom with dressing room and bathroom; the finishes maintain a certain monotony to allow the buyer to set the ambiance with any type of furniture.

Our client is around 30 years old, single and living alone, looking for a specific program with areas of a contemporary lifestyle. 

We opened the kitchen to communicate with the living room, we created a work bar expanding the versatility of the space; we created a geek room, guest room and prepared the master bedroom to receive a king size bed. Closets and dressing rooms were adjusted to specific needs. In finishes we made a complete lighting project where we barely have downlights, the walls are lined with panels to give warmth to the spaces and we changed the floors to a better quality. The moodboard is particular, with contrasts in textures and colors that will stand out when the warm lights come on. The proposed furniture is not outdated, it integrates the architectural interventions with the particular accessories that will set the mood of the space over time.