On the other hand, the housing proposal within urban areas in the country is concentrated in a sector with a high socioeconomic level, in closed subdivisions but within the first perimeters of the cities, where we find large lots with two-level homes, garage and community amenities.

The intention of Circuito is to bet on spaces within the urban area, making vertical housing affordable, eliminating the condition of social housing through design and maintaining the minimum costs that govern housing credit agencies. Develop a project thinking about the needs of a user who is a city resident, making their transfers more efficient, bringing them closer to public infrastructures, neighbors and the community; That is why Colonia and Colonia 300 project enters vertical housing in an area where the only thing we find is single-family housing. We exploit the maximum land uses allowed by the mexican regulations and we develop projects that structure the community of our work area.

Currently we are facing a housing deficit in all the cities of the planet, the reasons are different by region, but IN the particular case of Mexico IT comes from migration to the cities in recent years, the continuous population growth in metropolitan areas and failed public policies of housing purchases that offered products in remote suburbs, without services and with poor project and construction quality. This, as the years progressed, detonated a phenomena of homes abandonment, the habitability of the spaces became unaffordable due to the indirect prices of transport, security and basic services.

The houses have parking spots and private doors; in lockers and a barbecue area on the ground floor, as well as a space for a clothesline on the roof; within the apartment, dining room and kitchen as an open space, and a laundry room. The rooms share a bathroom and a cellar. All spaces have natural ventilation and lighting, which in one of them is blurred by a tree rescued from the property, saving sanitary furniture as well as lamps and pumping equipment with high energy efficiency.