Circuito was contacted by a group of investors seeking guidance about the purpose of an inherited plot, one of their primary concerns being the development of a project capable of making a profit. 

The project is set in a  special location which was established according to the municipality's urban development plan. It was through a series of donations that the municipality was able to create a cultural district, which is dominated by five of the most prestigious universities in the country. The urban infrastructure plan, however, was designed only with the purpose of allowing for car and public transport accessibility due to the rapid reaction of stakeholders and the lack of resources to invest in education. With the arrival of the universities, no integration plan was available to link them without the use of vehicles. In recent years, universities have become isolated clusters, and the space in between has become an uninhabitable environment. 

The project aims to serve as a meeting point between universities that facilitates the exchange of ideas and allows people to inhabit a free and public environment. 

First of all, the connection, before designing in our plot, we developed a linear park in one of the main streets that links immediately all the universities. In the park, the program changes based on the location, but students and faculty are able to extend their activities beyond the confines of the university campus. There is no question that all of this is being designed under the jurisdiction of the municipality, however it is a donation from Circuito to the city. 

As we always had a concern about the lack of habitable public space, we started the project with an urban intervention, once that was completed we were able to design in our lot. Otherwise, the site would have become another isolated cluster.