After the economic crisis that broke out during the pandemic, which will change individual economic structures, the Circuit office has the opportunity to develop an industrial warehouse project in an area where this type of infrastructure is developed.

In Pachuca, the growth towards the east of the city has been due to the arrival of the industrial zones on a peripheral circuit, which is maintained as an alternate entrance but also functions as a quick exit to the north arch, which is one of the most important in the center of the country, thus being a quick link to the state capital, connecting with national roads immediately, which begins to require versatile spaces for product storage and administration, as rental spaces with these uses, the investor seeks to build while the closure of activities remains at its peak to start with the rents once the city, transport and commerce return to normal.

We approached the similar project as an industrial/administrative space, having as background the rigidity of the projects, seeking to break with the idea of ​​storage monotony and intend the work function towards modern companies with different differences in local competition.

We divided the space of just under 1000m2 into 4 sections that can function individually or as a whole, this for the needs of the tenant who may arrive, thus meeting the needs of storage space plus offices with services for each one, in addition to accesses and public spaces for users who share a guardhouse.