In their effort to trigger economic development, cities have relied on capital attraction strategies through companies that establish their operations or production centers on the periphery of cities. 

This is how some industrial zones were born around Pachuca, which have high-quality roads and fast exits to the most important interstate roads.

The security and maintenance expenses of these areas are absorbed in a group manner, presenting better conditions compared to the establishment of industry outside of them; mobility and flexibility are beneficial, neighbors in the same conditions are more tolerant.

The user started the facilities as an operations center to later migrate the production and distribution plant, a gradual move according to the growth of the company. 

For this reason, the project is divided into stages that could work in case of sharing storage with another company, in this way it would help the capitalization and the service expenses would decrease.

The industrial condition in office buildings should be eliminated and be kinder to its inhabitants, although the style can be maintained, offering different environments offers job benefits to those who work there.

The project consists of three buildings that can be integrated depending on the needs of the different users, as access we have a vehicle parking for the offices that serve for service and quick contact, in the back we have two warehouses and a shared circulation that allows trailer pass.

The structure will be hybrid due to the rise in steel prices, but efficient in terms of its spans, to leave free, versatile spaces.

The development of technologies in production and manufacturing companies prematurely ages equipment and tools, for this reason the building must be flexible, transformable and amenable to modifications.