V I L L A   D E   L O S   Á L A M O S

At Living we specialize in making investment projects, combining dierent disciplines

with specialists in dierent branches, in this way we reach projections while reducing risks to the maximum.

Thanks to interdisciplinary work, we identied that the property located in Yurécuaro has great potential if we take advantage of the lack of dynamism in the surrounding land uses. Hence the proposal for a controlled and high-end subdivisionoering a new product at a reasonable price.accessible.

Secondly, we offer exclusivity through top quality services and amenities for the exclusive use of the next owners.

The project will be carried out professionally with specialists in each branch, who will be in charge of preparing and sending reports to partners and collaborators.

By dividing responsibilities, we guarantee that profits are optimized.

By having a team exclusively in charge of this project, the partners will have eyes on the investment at all times.